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The beef industry is a quickly-growing business full of lots of new trends and fads.  Check out some of the latest trends going on in the beef world and see what all the buzz is about!!!


Take a look at some of the new beef trends starting to become popular in the industry and see what to expect moving forward!


Have you heard people talk about dry-aged beef and wonder what the buzz is all about?  Check out this dry-aging video from our friend Mark Pastore from Pat LaFrieda, a Creekstone distributor to some of New York City's finest restaurants, as he explains the dry-aging process.


Beef Bytes shows us some interesting facts regarding beef in restaurants.  Beef remains the most popular entree served with more than 8.2 billion burgers served in commercial restaurants in 2001 alone!  Steakhouse continue to be one of the fastest growing segments in foodservice as dining at steak restaurants continues to increase. Find out the biggest reason why individuals visit steakhouses and what their favorite steak cuts are to enjoy.  You can even take a look at the beef consumption by region of the United States to see which markets are eating up the most beef!


Even restaurants are starting to pick up on the different trends in the industry where you may start to see a difference at your favorite restaurants.  See what Consumer Restaurant Trends are shaping up to look like in the future. 

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