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Consumer Sales Increase with the Rise in Demand for Quality Beef and Pork Products

Wednesday, July 13 2016 2:34 PM
Today, Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, a well-recognized brand supplying premium USDA-certified beef and pork products, announces six months of growth as its e-commerce sales marks a 52 percent increase. The sales are a direct result of growing consumer demand for a wide variety of high-quality me...
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The Health Benefits of Beef

Monday, January 4 2016 4:51 PM
What is Lean Beef?   You already knew that beef was packed with flavor but did you know it is also packed with nutrition in every bite? Calorie for calorie, beef is one of the most naturally nutrient-rich foods. Beef is an excellent source of protein, not to mention may other nutrients as ...
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Corporate Gifting Program

Tuesday, October 13 2015 3:34 PM
  Make the Holiday Season Extra Delicious!   This holiday season, delight your employees, clients, friends and family with Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef.  Always tender, always delicious. And always raised and grazed in the USA.      Gifts in Good T...
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Add some Sizzle to Your Grill This Summer

Friday, May 29 2015 10:09 AM
Grilling out steaks is a great way to really make your summer sizzle!   Tip and Tricks for Grilling Out Steaks Whenever choosing a steak to grill out, choose steaks that are one to two inches thick as thick steaks will grill better than thin steaks.   Fat adds flavor to steak, so...
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Making the Perfect Burger

Tuesday, April 28 2015 10:17 AM
May is National Burger month and officially the grilling and cookout season kick-off for most parts of the country. With the weather heating up, you don’t need a reason for a cookout but summer holidays and social get-togethers top the list for firing up the grill. May is full of great occa...
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Creekstone Farms Quality Beef

Thursday, April 2 2015 9:29 AM
We always have people asking for more information on our products as well as the Creekstone Farms story as a whole so we wanted to share a little bit of our history and vision with our customers.      The Creekstone Farms legacy began over a decade ago with one simple idea: pr...
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Cooking Tips and Recipes from Creekstone

Tuesday, March 17 2015 8:41 AM
Holiday Dinner Planning Any time you are planning a large event or gathering - no matter what the reason - there are several items you have to take into account when getting everything ready. The main things to take into account are of course date, time, guest list and your menu. Whether you are...
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March Mania

Tuesday, February 10 2015 4:46 PM
The Heat is On!   We think the term March Madness can have more than one meaning depending on who you ask and they are coming to full swing...both on the court and on the grill.   Basketball Mania - for all our sports fanatics out there, you already have your definition of March M...
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Plan Ahead Cooking Tips

Wednesday, February 4 2015 2:39 PM
  This time of year lends itself well to slow-cooker recipes where you combine all the ingredients and let the slow-cooker do the cooking work for you. We have several delicious crock pot recipes on our website at and there are en...
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Planning the Perfect Holiday Party

Friday, December 5 2014 4:23 PM
It’s that time of year where holiday parties are popping up all over the place! Whether you are planning an elegant sit-down dinner or cocktail party or a more casual event, we have some great tips to make sure your party is a hit without too much stress.   PARTY PLANNING STARTERS T...
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