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Creekstone Farms has always been an innovative company and leader in the industry.  We’ve raised the bar once again and are pleased to announce our newest program – Non GMO Project Verified Beef. 





Non-GMO Project Verification


Non GMO Project, an organization with the goal to preserve and build the word’s non-GMO food supply, verifies the supplier of the cattle for the Creekstone Farms Non-GMO program.  In order to place their name on our packaging, we must follow strict protocols, backed up by third party audits.  This verification means that throughout their lifetime, our cattle were raised on grains and forages that have been tested to be GMO-Free. At Creekstone Farms, we feel very proud and privileged to have the ”Non-GMO Verified” label on our beef.



A Single Family Farm with only the Strictest Standards


Cattle certified by the Non-GMO Project are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet consisting of homegrown grains and forages.  All of the seed used to raise the grain we feed our cattle is tested before planting and retested again after harvest by Genetic ID, a third-party lab specializing in genetic markers.  In addition to a clean diet, all animals in this program are sourced from a single-family farm RR1 Farms in Nebraska.


At RR1 Farms, strict standards are in place to ensure humane animal care and handling.  The result – premium quality Black Angus beef you can feel good about serving to your family.




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