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Creekstone Farms Premium Natural Duroc Pork products continue the high-quality tradition of products we are known for. Our pork items are antibiotic free, nitrate/nitrite-free, have no MSG and are gluten-free all-natural producs. The addition of pork to the Creekstone Farms family also offers customers the convenience of ordering Premium Beef, Natural Beef and Premium Natural Pork under one trusted supplier, streamlining the ordering and delivery process.


Creekstone Farms Announces Launch of New Antibiotic-Free Duroc Pork Program       


“We are pleased to announce the launch of Creekstone Premium Natural Pork, which provides additional value to our customers with a second outstanding product that represents the Creekstone standards,” said Jim Rogers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Creekstone Farms. “Our partners in this new development, Premium Iowa Pork, share the same values of producing quality farm-family raised, antibiotic-free Duroc Pork, making this an exceptional and consistent program.”


Creekstone Premium Natural Pork is available in fresh and process items now to retailers, restaurants and distributors as well as online directly at  

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