9800 15400

Our Natural Choice Black Angus Beef briskets are from cattle raised with no hormones or antibiotics that are always sure to please with their rich, beefy flavor.

Please note this brisket special is NOT a hand-selected COMPETITION SPECIFICATION BRISKET. The average weight on these briskets will be approximately 10-13 lbs.
These choice briskets ship fresh and will arrive in a box with a styrofoam cooler and frozen ice gel packs and dry ice to keep products nice and cool. The briskets can kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. If you want to save the brisket to cook at a later date, simply place the product in the freezer when you receive it and thaw when you are ready to cook.
Natural Choice Brisket Special (Approx. 11 lbs.)
9800 15400

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